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COVID-19 Rapid Test Kit (5 tests/kit)

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**Currently booking up to June, 30th 2022 Only.**

*Future dates to follow*

Due to the nature of this product, we are unable to offer refunds and all sales are final.  

Automatically save 15% by selecting 3 kits & over 20+% when you select 5 kits!

The Rapid COVID-19 Test detects the presence of viral proteins (antigens) expressed by the COVID-19 virus in a sample from the patient’s respiratory tract. If the target antigen is present in sufficient concentrations, it will bind to specific antibodies fixed to a paper strip enclosed in a plastic casing and generate a visually detectable signal, typically within 15 minutes. The antigen(s) detected are expressed only when the virus is actively replicating; therefore, such tests are best used to identify acute or early infection. All our tests come from brands which are approved by Health Canada.

Elapsed Time (approx.): 15min

Usage: Identify acute or early infection


1) We understand that many customers are looking to receive these tests in time for holiday gatherings. We fulfill and get our orders to our shipping provider as quickly as possible, but we are unable to guarantee or commit to delivery dates.

2) Due to current supply chain issues, Canadian Health Labs reserves the right to ship any brand of Health Canada Approved COVID-19 Rapid Test and in any quantity per kit (as an example: you may purchase a quantity of 5x 5-test kits and receive 1x 25-test kit).  Products may not be exactly as shown in images.

3) As a health product, we do not allow refunds or returns.